Flash Sale: Are you ready for some Football??

Super bowl LV is quickly approaching this Sunday.  2020 was definitely a testament of true fans. But...it is the Big game, so lets hope for some great plays, an entertaining halftime show, some hilarious commercials and of course good food.  Weather you choose to gather with close Family or a healthy group of friends, a plate of varying treats are always a hit.  After that hot dog and dip or sandwich and pasta salad something sweet to top off the game day meal is never wrong.  I have 10 of these medium size trays of cookies, and candy available to deliver Saturday or early morning Sunday to add to your Football Sunday spread.  A mix of 24 cookies of 8 different flavors (Chocolate Chip, PB Blossom, Brookie, 2 decorative sugar cookies, Snickerdoodles, White chocolate Cherry, macadamia nut Shortbread and Oatmeal raisin) and either truffles or Almond toffee go insode a box ready to display or be devoured. $50 delivered is a game changer. Click below to purchase this mix of deliciousness.