Classic/Seasonal dough frozen and vacuum sealed (One Dozen)

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From the mixer the dough is then portioned out with the final ingredients so they are oven ready for the end user. Biscuits are tri folded 3 times to create multiple flakey layers and then cute into squares. The doughs are then frozen, packed into bags and vacuumed sealed for optimal freshness, A tag with any thawing, baking and after oven additions is then added so that you can have a Lil Sweeties Sugar Shoppe baked goods right out of the oven warm and fresh. The aroma of fresh cookies and biscuits filling the house is enticing to anyone weather you are baking one cookie for yourself or baking the dozen for a crowd. Lil Sweeties does not use preservatives only real butter, pure vanilla, and love, so in the freezer they should last approximately 6 months before beginning to lose their optimal flavor.

Size cookies (1.8- 2 ounces)

Biscuits 2.5 x 2.5"

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