Cookies - Create your own(One Dozen)

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Large baked to order Cookies made just how you like it
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All Cookies a baked to order so they are fresh and sometimes still a little warm. The dught is started with all real butter and Pure vanilla extract is used for flavoring. We choose your fruits and nuts locally when possible and source high grade chocolate. a goof Cookie begins with great ingredients. Most cookies are scooped at 1.8 -2 ounce portions so they all bake up golden brown and taste wonderfully delicious. Rule of thumb is our cookies can not have more than 3 add ins to the base dough so the cookie will hold its structure and not fall apart during the baking process, so choose your favorites. Please reach out if there is a combination you are looking at that requires more than 3 dough mix ins. Much like the cupcake, cookies start with a base dough and add ins are mixed or stuffed in the dough before baking to make a individualized tasty concoction. From simple chocolate chip walnut to a oatmeal, craisin, white chocolate almond cookie it is up to the to you to create the cookie of your dreams.

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